Elintus Medium Concave Skateboard Deck

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Product Description
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Detailed Information
Deck Width 7.5", 7.6", 7.75", 7.8", 8.0", 8.125", 8.25", 8.38", 8.5", 8.6"
Deck Length Sizes Ranging from 7.5" - 7.8" Width Boards Come With a 31.75" inch Deck Length Sizes Ranging from 8.0" - 8.125", Width Boards Are 32" Inch Deck Length Sizes Ranging from 8.25" - 8.6" Width Boards Come With a 32.25" Inch Deck Length
Wheelbase 14,25"
Concave Medium
Color Assorted Stain Colors for Top and Middle Ply
Construction 7 ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple Cold Pressed in the USA
Street One of the strongest boards in the market. Made for the most abusive skateboarder.
Ramp Lets face it ramps just simply extend the life of skateboards.
Cruising Most of the time these decks have smaller street style wheels. Street style skateboard wheels are a bit harder then a cruiser deck and smaller so when going over cracks and rocks will not be as smooth. People have known to use softer wheels on street decks. It is personal preference when it comes to what wheels you want.