Elintus Steep Concave Skateboard Deck

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Detailed Information
Deck Width 7.5", 7.6", 7.75", 7.8", 8.0", 8.125", 8.25", 8.38", 8.5
Deck Length Sizes Ranging from 7.5" - 7.8" Width Boards Come With a 31.75" inch Deck Length Sizes Ranging from 8.0" - 8.125", Width Boards Are 32" Inch Deck Length Sizes Ranging from 8.25" - 8.5" Width Boards Come With a 32.25" Inch Deck Length
Wheelbase 14,25"
Concave Steep
Color Assorted Stain Colors for Top and Middle Ply
Construction 7 ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple Cold Pressed in the USA
Skill Level From a beginner to advanced this deck will be great due to it's top notch quality
Street With this steep concave it makes it perfect for the extremely technical skater.
Ramp Ramp or Vert decks are mainly associated with a Medium concave
Cruising If you are looking just to cruise around a longboard, mini cruiser or even a pool deck would be better then riding a street deck that is made for rails, ramps and tricks.